Merke: Wo die Luft ein Jodler ausfüllt,
zieht ein Dämon den Schwanz ein.
Besetzung: Siegfried Haglmo (Stimme, Harmonika)
Andreas "n-dee" Piepke (Gitarre)
Benjamin Pflug (Schlagzeug)
Ortholf von Crailsheim (Maschine)
vergrößern Edelschwarz
- Briten, Bauern & Barone -

Lawine/Sony, 2010
Audio CD
Edelschwarz AH1v2
- Alpine Härte 1 von 2 -

Lawine/EMI, 2002
Audio CD

FolkWorld CD Reviews, 23.9.2002

This cd is everything except boring. I'm always interested in a good mixture of tradition and rock or in this case metal and rock. And this cd by Edelschwarz is a remarkable one. They mix tunes with traditional Alps atmosphere with heavy guitars, drums and beat. Rocking accordion and some punk Yodelling here. I never heard this style of music before but after some research I understood that there are quit a few bands who mix Yodelling with rock, punk or whatever. The cd has a nice balance in heavy and bit light music. It's not only "noise" (like many people would describe metal music) but they also paid attention to the melody and atmosphere. Must be party to see this band live, hope I will be able to see them one day.
Eelco Schilder


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